About us

1.September 2005
The company was founded by Thomas Andersen back in 2005 where he started the business with a good friend in Denmark.
They were at the beginning focused on japanese cars, but this was a bit before the JDM market opened up in Denmark – so they were supplying aftermarket tuning and styling parts to mainly Honda and Mazda.

Spring 2007
Thomas bougth the last 50% of the company from his friend, and it was now only owned by Thomas.
He started looking more in to other japanese cars like Nissan Silvia and Skyline – He reorganised the company and in september he was still operating under the same company name as from the beginning (Injecto-Performance).
But now lots of new things happend, he got in touch with a guy in Japan – and this was when it all really started, in the beginning of september 2007. – The first parts arrived straight in from Japan, and people was really keen on buying, and it seems like a really good business, and no one else he knew of in Denmark were importing the real high quality brands from Japan – and with in a few months the next step was taken – importing cars, Thomas has been looking and thinking about this for a long time – and now he was setup with a guy in Japan and a guy in the UK – so everything was ready.. with in sort time he already got his first customers for some Silvias – and the first cars where bougth and on their way from Japan.

In 2008 it seemd to continue and it was running very fast – with in the first year he already sold 11 cars – and the parts business was great.
Late 2008 he changed the name to JPD Japan – and since then the company has been named JPD Japan.

In January 2011 he decided to change the company form from a personal sole trade company to a limit liability company (ApS)
After that the company has been growing, and a much bigger and better setup has been organised – The company is still owned by Thomas Andersen, also after the change.

This was when it really speeded up for the company.
A good friend (Niclas Andersen) started helping and working with JPD Japan – a really good decision cause it was now possible to get some more things done with some extra hands – so beginning with Facebook, there was a lot of work to do, as Thomas haven’t got the time for it, but now Niclas could handle that part of the company – and with a great combination of team work and the willing to make it happen – JPD Japan turned in to being the biggest and most wellknown car importing company in Denmark – and the sales went up with about 75% with in 2 years – and these together with the early years of JPD Japan was the best years at all.

Today the company is expanded to Japan – and lots of new things is happening and will continue happening in 2018.

JPD Japan
9-3, Haibaraakanedai 1-Chome
Uda, Nara
Japan, 633-0256

The main company is now based in Japan, and the operation area is exporting parts worldwide and doing car business domesticly
The part business is operated together with our partner Ai Makino (AP-Connection)

Operated by:
Samuel James White
Thomas Andersen
Ai Makino

JPD Japan ApS
Noerskovlundvej 32
8620 Kjellerup

The danish company is handling cars and parts, and is doing import from the department in Japan.

Operated by:
Thomas Andersen
Niclas Andersen