Terms And Conditions

By doing a purchace/placing an order with JPD Japan – all terms and conditions below are accepted – JPD Japan reserves the right to make changes on the website and change the prices, also the terms and conditions can be changed at any time by JPD Japan with out informing.

JPD Japan offers price matching but this doesn’t include special deals, offers, campaigns.
We will do price matching as good as we can, but we keep the right not to match the prices – also price matching doesn’t include items purchased on Yahoo auctions, Amazon and so on – only products purchased on this website.
If you aren’t sure about a price, or if we will match, please do no hesitate to contact us.

All prices listed on our website or advertised prices by JPD Japan does not include shipping costs from JPD Japan.
When buying from JPD Japan, you are purchasing from Japan, so prices does not include any import taxes or duties, so please be aware than there may be some costs to be charged from you when the items entry to your country.
JPD Japan can’t be held resposible for any costs that may be attached when importing goods into your countru, so please check the import rules there may be in your country.

Prices can change, and they do change some times in Japan, so if you are ordering a products witch price has changed we will inform you before we proceed the order, and wee reserve the right to cancel the order if the “new” price is not accepted by you.
Also you reserve the right to cancel the order when prices are changed.

All products sold by JPD Japan, except for street legal/DOT approved parts – please check with us if you are unsure about a product – but all parts are racing parts and for off-road use only. Many parts are not legal for use on public roads in other countries, please check before you purchase.
JPD Japan can’t be held resposible for any damage or any illegal use of parts, this is fully on the customer/owners resposibility – also many insurence companies will not cover any damage or accidents made on or with the car that have installed off-road/NOT steeet legal parts on/in it.

Orders placed with JPD Japan can be canceled as long as the order still says “PENDING” or “ON HOLD” witch can mean that the payment haven’t been made yet or ETA/stock status is waiting.
As soon as the order turns in to “PROCESSING” – it is not possible to cancel, as that means that the payment has been made and then the order is already in process in our system, and the parts have been ordered.
If there is a long ETA on a purchased item we will inform you and you are able to cancel that single product or the complete order – If you tell us to proceed the order after we have informed about the ETA, the order can’t be cancelled, no matter what the ETA is – as the item is already ordered and paid for, so no cancellation.

Yahoo items or bids can’t be cancelled – only if its a mistake from sellers side, else we do not accept cancellations.

JPD Japan can choose to accept cancellations, but please just ask us if you want to cancel, and we will give you an answer. If we accept the cancellation, we reserve the right to charge fee of up to 25% of the amount you’ve paid for the products ex. shipping.*
*This is only if the order haven’t been shipped off from our warehouse yet!

JPD Japan accepts wire transfers (bank transfers) in to our bank account – this methode costs a fixed fee of 4,000 JPY no matter order amount.
PayPal payments are also accepted, you can use most credit cards with or wirh out having a PayPal account, the fee for using PayPal is 5% of the total order amount.

Worldwide shipping is avaliable as long as the country has a shipping/post service.
Shipping is made as soon as possible – often with in 5 business days (depending on the ETA for the ordered items)
JPD Japan offers diffrent types of shipping from diffrent shipping companies – Japan Post (SAL, Surface SEA, EMS), TNT and DHL.
The estimeted shipping time is from about 2 days with DHL to about 9 weeks with SEA shipping – Please see more under the shipping section.

JPD Japan offers container shipping for big orders – please contact us for more information.

For customers in Denmark JPD Japan together with JPD Japan ApS in Denmark offers a LCL service witch allow you to ship your order in a shared container – this option is only avaliable for Denmark.

Once an order is completed and shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number that can be found under the order in “My Account” – This will also be sent by E-mail to the registered e-mail address.
If the package is returned back to Japan due to an incorrect informations given by the customer or the order haven’t been collected in time at the local postoffice or at the shipping companies terminal – All freight costs for sending the package back to us in Japan, will be passed on to you as customer – and charged by PayPal.
If JPD Japan is resposible for the return, due to a mistake from JPD Japan’s side, JPD Japan will return the package to you with out any extra charges.

For danish registered customers who can check out with danish prices on the website, there will be a shipping fee from JPD Japan ApS to the customers address in Denmark.
NOTE! This will shipping costs will be charged before the parts are beeing shipped from JPD Japan ApS.

All orders made by international customers are final, and no returns will be accepted, so its therefore the customers responsibility to order the correct part.
Please note that all parts sold by JPD Japan are for domestic cars, so 99% of all the products are for right hand drive cars, and JPD Japan can’t be held resposible for parts not fitting other models.

Please check the goods when they are delivered to make sure there is no damage – if there is damaged goods in the package, please send the claim to the shipping company – also please inform JPD Japan about it with in a day after reciving the package.
JPD Japan reserve the right not to pay for the damaged goods, only if it can be proven that mistake can be placed at the work from JPD Japan.

JPD Japan will accept returns of delivered goods that does not match the order – and JPD Japan will exchange and pay all shipping expenses and return the correct item for free. – The new goods with only be shipped straight to the customers billing address.
Please contact JPD Japan before returning any goods, to make a deal with JPD Japan about exchange and payment of expenses.
If you are having any further expenses when reciving the new correct item, please contact JPD Japan with the reciept of the import expense, and JPD Japan will cover 100% of it. (The amount can be paid in to you paypal balance, or you can get that extra discount on your next order, with JPD Japan)

When returning goods to JPD Japan, please provide JPD Japan with the shipping reciept and tracking number.
Returning goods, is on the customers own resposibility – if it’s shipped as a letter with our insurence or it’s gone missing in the transport system, JPD Japan can’t be held responsible for any loost goods or costs.

JPD Japan dont offer refunds – but in some special situations it is required, then all refunds will be made by PayPal and in JPY in to the customers/recivers PayPal balance.
JPD Japan reserve the right not to pay for any costs this may have in exchange rates or fees.

All products sold by JPD Japan are only subject the manufacturers warranty. Manufacturer warranty will not be valid if the customers mishandling, abuse or makes any mistakes when installing the product.
Warrenty is only valid if the customer can proivide a reciept that shows that the products is installed by a licensed shop/mechanic – all costs involved with the warrenty will paid by the customer (shipping to JPD Japan – domestic shipping to and from Manfacture – shipping back to the customer from JPD Japan)

JPD Japan’s website is owned and operated by JPD Japan and JPD Japan ApS, all materials appearing on this website like images, grapich, logo, design and information is a part of JPD Japan poperty.
All Rights Reserved by JPD Japan

All information given to JPD Japan will not be handed over to third part – customer data will only be used by JPD Japan, and only used together with orders – If you want your details deleted from our database, please contact us.

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Japan, 633-0256

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